Support Our New Clynk Account

Thanks to Becky Tracy and Margaret Myatt, HCA now has a Clynk account. The two of them handed bags out to interested people who attended our BBQ in August. In the near future, bags will be available for pickup right at the Hawthorne House—In the meantime, save all your those bottles and cans in anticipation of getting your bags.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Clynk, it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Fill your CLYNK bag with empty bottles and cans.

  2. Once filled, check to see that there is identification sticker on the CLYNK bag. We have done this for you.

  3. Bring your bags to a CLYNK drop site at Hannaford. At the CLYNK kiosk, scan the bag’s identification tag with the hand scanner and place the bag inside the unlocked door.

Becky and Margaret have set it up the account so that donations go directly into the Hawthorne Community Association checking account, toward current repairs and future maintenance.

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