Connecting Captain William Raymond and Nathaniel Hawthorne – Really!

Connecting Captain William Raymond and Nathaniel Hawthorne – Really!

Thank you again to our UK friend Norma.  She found the remote but pleasingly historical  connection between  Captain William Raymond, the namesake of Raymond, Maine and our famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

How do you do it, Norma? Thank you. 

Norma’s writing is below  connects Captain Raymond and Hawthorne.  And below the writing is the full PDF of the Family Tree Maker chart that graphically shows the connection.   Please read below, 


From Norma: 

The following gives us the breakdown through the years and marriages linking the different families, starting with Capt. William Raymond:

Capt. William Raymond (formerly Rayment)

  • William was born c1638 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England and
  • Died January 29th, 1709, in Beverly Essex County, Mass.
  • He married twice:

o   In 1661 to Hannah Bishop

o   In 1681 to Ruth Hull

Capt. William and Hannah Raymond had a son, George (Rayment) Raymond

  • George was born October 30th, 1670, in Beverly Essex, Mass. and
  • Died 1705 in Beverly
  • He married Jerusha Woodbury in 1698

George and Jerusha had a daughter, Hannah.

  • Hannah was born February 24th, 1699, in Beverly and
  • Died on May 31st, 1783, in Beverly.
  • She married Joshua Dodge Jr. in 1716

This is where we swap direct family lines and last names.

Joshua and Hannah had a son, Capt. George Dodge

  • Capt. George was born on April 10th, 1726, in Beverly and
  • Died January 18th, 1808, in Salem, Mass.
  • He married Lydia Herrick in 1746

Capt. George and Lydia had a son, Joshua.

  • Joshua was born on March 29th, 1752, in Salem, Mass. And
  • Died January 13th, 1814, in Salem, Mass.
  • He married Elizabeth Crowninshield in 1777 in Salem, Mass.

We are going to swap direct family lineages again here, although we could come back to the Dodge family as there is likely to be a link with Robert Manning’s wife, Rebecca Dodge Burnham, whose parents were Thomas and Mary Lord; Lord was also the maiden name of Nathaniel’s Grandfather Richard’s wife Miriam, whose parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Lord; we may come back to these at a later date.

To continue with the Crowninshield name:

Elizabeth Crowninshield was the daughter of Capt. John Crowninshield and Eunice (Nutting) Vans

  • Elizabeth was born on August 5th, 1758, in Salem and
  • Died on May 8th, 1830, in Salem.

Capt. John Crowninshield was the son of Dr. John Crowninshield and Anstiss Williams

  • Dr. John Crowninshield was born on January 19th, 1696, in Boston and
  • Died on May 25th, 1761, in Salem.
  • He married Anstiss Williams in 1722

A further change of last name:

Anstiss Williams was the daughter of John Williams Jr. and Sarah Manning

  • John Williams Jr. was born on May 29th, 1664, in Salem and
  • Died before May 15th, 1732, in Salem.
  • John and Sarah married on December 8th, 1686.

A final change of last name:

Sarah Manning was the daughter of Richard Manning and Anstice Calley

Richard Manning was born in 1622 in Dartmouth, England and died in 1679 in Dartmouth. In 1643 he married Anstice Calley.

From Richard and Anstice Manning we have their son, Thomas Manning 1664/5 – 1737. Thomas married Mary Giddings 1669 – 1738.

Thomas and Mary had a son, John Manning 1703 – 1775. John married three times:

  • Jane Bradstreet in 1728
  • Elizabeth Wallis in 1733 and
  • Ruth Potter in 1739

John and Ruth had a son, Richard Manning 1755 – 1813 who married Miriam Lord in 1776. Richard and Miriam were Nathaniel’s Grandparents.

Richard and Miriam had a daughter, Elizabeth (Clarke) Manning who married Nathaniel Hathorne and had three children, Elizabeth Manning Hathorne, Nathaniel Hathorne (Hawthorne) and Maria Louisa Hathorne. 

Details have been lifted from Wikitree, Geni and Ancestry websites and my book, ‘The Genealogical And Biographical History of The Manning Families of New England and Descendants, From the Settlement In America To Present Time,’ the book was published in 1902.

Here is the link to the pdf of the Family Tree rendition.

Raymond to Hawthorne

Best wishes,  Norma