2022-2023 – Sustainable Phase II Capital Campaign – For Now, For the Future

Announcing Hawthorne House Captial Campaign
2022-2023: For Now, For the  Future.

Please donate to the Capital Campaign
Phase II Project!

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters of the 2021-2022 Hawthorne House capital campaign.  We were able to raise better than $75,000 and we were able to raise up the House, re-build the foundation and lower it down onto a solid foundation that will last for decades.   We also added HVAC and made much needed repair.
Making repairs  and adding siding to the north side is just about complete (June, 2022) and that will close the very successful phase one of the Hawthorne House restoration.
Onto Phase Two: For Now, For the Future!
Phase two will  include large and important repairs:
  • Repair and side the three remaining exterior sides
  • Repair and re-shingle roof
  • Repair and/or replace front steps
  • Repair and/or replace window frames and perhaps windows
  • Interior patching and re-painting,
  • Repair fencing and fine tune landscaping
These are big projects and when complete, the Hawthorne House will be a classically, beautiful, sustainable architectural gem in our community.
We estimate that these projects can be completed for  approximately $75k.  We will seek out many local craftsmen and contractors and ask them to donate their skills and services as many have  in the past.  This should get the Hawthorne House’s physical plant in good enough shape that it can be used comfortably and without interruption for some time to come.

This new  initiative was announced at the June, 2022 Strawberry Festival and more information will follow within our newsletter and this page.  Please watch for it and join us in this historic preservation project!