2020-2021 Capital Campaign Results!

We made it!  We raised the original goal of $75,000 and then some.  Repairs are winding down with the siding of the south side.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Hawthorne House. Check out our new granite bench!






Copp Movers – Here you see the guys working a lift that Pete Copp’s grandfather designed and built, back in the day, just for lifting houses off of their foundations. It spins and pivots and does all sorts of useful things.

(August, 2021)





Elbow Grease

The beams are out and the house has been lowered safely back down on the foundation. Here is a picture of Pete Copp and David Juhlin moving 6 x 6s back to the truck.

(August, 2021)




Side View

…another shot of the very cool, custom lift. The Copp family knows what they are doing, it seems.

(August, 2021)





Evidence of Resident Board Members

A view of our new heat pumps and also Abel’s truck and sawhorses. Abel and Paul pretty much live at the Hawthorne House these days, so stop by and say hello if you see them out there—Although… if you do, they will probably put you to work, so just a word of caution.

(August, 2021)



Rocks, rocks and more rocks…
Dave Blanchard moved all of our stone around for us with his excavator (pictured at the top of the page). The extra rock was brought to Millennium Granite, in Wells, to be cut and made into veneer for the new wall. The truck that was loaded up with all that rock hardly made the corner onto Hawthorne Road it was so full. There had to be a bit of a traffic stop to get it through. We will hopefully pick the vaneer back up next week. Side note—Larry Napolitano is doing a fine job of all our masonry work.  (August, 2021)

In case you missed it

Here’s a shot of the house when it was still propped up on the beams.

(August, 2021)



Thank you to Clayton Copp & Sons Building Movers for taking on this challenge!