Thank You “Hester” Author Laurie Albanese for a Wonderful Book Talk

Thank you Laurie Albanese for your terrific paperback launch and Zoom discussion of “Hester” at the Hawthorne House on Saturday, October 7, 2023.   The talk was the official launch of the paperback version and many purchased a pre-signed  copy.   There were 19 of us in the Hawthorne House viewing the author’s Zoom window on the big screen TV  and there were six additional Zoom attendees.  
Ms. Albanese highlighted the main character Isobel’s syntheosis, a condition in which the mind  attaches colors to letters and language.  This enhances Isobel’s skills in sewing magnificent embroidery,  and it sustains her in colonial Salem where women did not have their own voice.  Isobel thrived in her embroidery while coping with a clandestine romance with Nathaniel Hawthorne or ‘Nat.’

Laurie spoke of her research into the history of  Salem, into Hawthorne’s life, and into  what darker mysteries may have inspired the story of The Scarlet Letter.  Perhaps that famous, ground-breaking American novel has subtle autobiographical stories just as Hawthorne’s other four novels have not-so-subtle autobiographical stories.  

 We all enjoyed an insightful slideshow with well chosen images of beautiful embroidery,  Scottish myths, and historical Salem.

From attendees:

“Thank you, Laurie, what a great presentation. I really enjoyed it!” –From the Zoom chat box,

“Laurie’s presentation was wonderful! It made me want to read Hester–and Laurie’s next book–AND see additional presentations like this from the Hawthorne House. — David M. Carew

“The Hester presentation was truly magical. I am going to read the book again!” –Barbara Brown

“Reading Hester made me want to read “The Scarlet Letter.”   Why did I resist all these years???  Thank you Laurie Albanese. – Mark 

“Wow!  I went to the talk, had not read “Hester”  but finished is two days later.  I simply could not put it down.  Thank you Laurie for presenting your book.  I am telling my friends. – Tom 

Again, Thank you Laurie and thank to all who attended either in person or in Zoom.