Hawthorne Fans from England – August, 2022 – And a New Book

Hawthorne Visitors from Scotland
In photo: Norma Jepson, Linda Shotton, Nathaniel  and Allan Jepson

Here is a wonderful story about crossing ‘The Pond.”

From Abel Bates:  I showed the house to  three people from England (NOT Scotland) this afternoon.  Norma had started doing research on Nathaniel Hawthorne during Covid rather than watching the news.  Excellent project, Norma!  Good choice. 

The trio came up from Salem, Massachusetts  where they had been staying.  Norma was just beside herself with glee!  She was so happy to  get into Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Boyhood Home.  She showed me a book she had come across  – “Hawthorne’s First Diary” that was first published in 1897.  There was a short history about how the diary was found, lots of local stuff and excerpts from the diary itself.  The experts seem to think the quotes in the book are indeed Hawthorne’s. 
I [Abel] have already  ordered a copy that I will share and donate to the house after I’m done if anyone is interested.
Thanks Abel!  I am insterested!  (From Margaret Myatt and update from January, 2023 – the book is in the House for everyone to enjoy.)
Here is a picture of one  version of “Hawthorne’s First Diary.”The full text of Hawthorne’s First Diary can be found at :https://archive.org/stream/cu31924022247930/cu31924022247930_djvu.txt