Do You Know About the Hawthorne House Little Free Library?

The Hawthorne House is situated on the lovely corner of Hawthorne Road and Cape Road in Raymond, Maine.  It is a popular walking route regularly taken by many locals and seasonal visitors.  From the route you can enjoy beautiful gardens, historic cemeteries, colonial homes, and mighty oak trees.  

Have you walked the walk?   Have you spied the “Little Free Library” on the south side of the Hawthorne House? Have you browsed the free books to take, to borrow?  Have you given back a book?

The Free Little Library is a delightful feature of today’s Hawthorne House property.  The project was initiated by member Cinda Roy  back in 2018.  According to Ed Kranich, Hawthorne House Trustee, Cinda  proposed the Little Library at the summer chicken barbecue meeting in 2018.  Ed offered to build it and Cinda provided the initial supply of books.

Hawthorne House Little Free Library
From – We are Charter #79510

The library is registered with Little Free Library  and Cinda and Ed are designated as the  stewards of the site.  There is a registration tag inside the little library door with Cinda’s and Ed’s names .

Later, the Town of Raymond furnished the Little Children’s Library.  Cinda painted both libraries inside and out.  Ed delightfully added to this story:  “Cinda did really nice work on both little libraries.”

Said Tom Ewig, Hawthorne House trustee and supporter extraordinaire:   “This is a great story of cooperation ~ friendly hands all working together.  Let’s keep working together for the Hawthorne House.”

Thank you so much – Cinda, Ed, and Tom!