A Well-Applied (and His Last) Nathaniel Hawthorne 20 cent stamp

It was indeed a well-applied and a personal ‘last’ Nathaniel Hawthorne 20 cent stamp.  Thank you Mark Van Winkle, of Camp Wohelo, on Raymond Cape.  Mark sent in his household dues back in 2022 and  he used wonderful stamps. Wonderful!  Not only did he use an authentic Nathaniel Hawthorne 20 cent stamp, but what else?  Frank Lloyd Wright, 2 cents, Jack London, 25 cents, and Historic Preservation, 8 cents.  What a precious envelope.  Thank you Mark!

Where did these stamps come from?  Mark wrote:  On the stamps, my grandmother Dottie Gulick was a stamp collector,  I inherited thousands of 3 to 13 cent stamps when we moved into the house.  First I went on E-bay to cash in on this huge resource….then found out I could only get about 30% of face value.  So I then started buying more stamps from E-bay at 30% of face value,  using convenient ones for mailings at camp and keeping all the cool ones.  I know both the Marilyn Monroe and Purple Heart stamps that you mentioned, Margaret. I have three drawers and four books of stamps sorted by value and topic so I have fun matching the stamps with my letter recipient:)

I’m afraid that was my last Hawthorne stamp. I wanted to be sure it was well used.  I certainly will keep my eyes open now.  Please do use it for whatever you would like.   I was looking for some old photos of granddad at the Hawthorne costume party but couldn’t locate.  I’ll keep you in mind when I come across them next.  
Thank you Mark.  You inspired me to bid on a sheet of Hawthorne 20-centers, but I lost the bidding.  I did buy a first issue postcard for the Hawthorne 20-center.  See below.    
Thank you again, Mark.  And thank you Dottie Gulick for your wonderful treasure trove of stamps.   You were a lovely young lady and you and Halsey were a handsome, special couple.