Protecting Sebago Lake – For Hawthorne, and For the Future…

Many Hawthorne Community Association members are upset about a recent flagrant shoreline zoning violation on Raymond Cape Road, on the shores of Sebago Lake.  The pristine beauty of Sebago is timeless – Nathaniel Hawthorne’s happiest years were as a boy in the woods and along the shores of this cherished natural setting.  Recently, a resident violated the beautiful shoreline:



Please join in and support the battle to fine the owner and demand that he restore the property to its original natural state.

Please click here and download the petition  (Excel spreadsheet) to support the Town of Raymond in its efforts to make sure that the waterfront land on Sebago Lake that was significanly altered without a permit is restored to its former state. We also support the Town in its attempt to recover all costs of litigation associated with such efforts and to legally impose a fine to discourage future abuses.

Read about the issue in Bridgton News, June 16, 2022

Letter from Abel Bates and Sylvia Sullivan – residents of Raymond and Raymond Cape:

Dear concerned citizens,

We don’t know how many of you have been following the news of the destruction of over 500
feet of Sebago Lake water frontage on the west shore of Raymond Cape off Fernwood Road
(Map 1 Lots 20 and 22 of the Raymond Assessor’s Map). Late last fall the owner had over 500
feet of shore frontage denuded of trees, removed stumps, had boulders removed, brought in fill,
rip rapped the entire area and put lawn behind the rip rap. All this was done without a permit.
After they were caught, they attempted to post-file a permit.

The town of Raymond, with the help of Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Portland Water District, Maine state legislators, and of course, town attorneys, is attempting to force the landowner to restore the frontage, as well as planning to levy a significant fine and to recoup any legal fees. This is not the first time these folks have done this.

A few years ago, they did something similar on Long Lake in Harrison, but not nearly as egregious as this latest disaster on Raymond Cape. A few weeks ago, the Bridgton News ran an article about it. If you haven’t seen the destruction, take a boat ride by it.

We all know and abide by the Shoreland Ordinance because we want to protect our lakes. If
this abuse of the ordinance is allowed to stand, it will open the door to anyone with enough
money to jeopardize the health of Sebago Lake, which is an asset to all of us and to many,
many others.

We are going to write a short letter of support for the town’s efforts to restore this piece of land
to the condition it was prior to the illegal work, levy a fine, and recover the legal fees we as
taxpayers will have to pay. Our plan is to try to get as many signatures as possible in support of
the Town of Raymond’s effort. A fine is not enough of a deterrent. A full and monitored
restoration is a must.

Abel Bates and Sylvia Sullivan