The historic house pictured above, built around 1812 and located in Southern Maine near Sebago Lake, was occupied by the famous American writer from 1812 through around 1825 * Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The house has been owned and cared for by The Hawthorne Community Association since 1922, and is still used from to time by its members for social and cultural events.  It is registered as a National Historic Building.

Our mission is to preserve the beauty, historical significance and structural integrity of the Hawthorne House.

This site provides information about the history of the house and Association, its famous occupant during the time he lived in Maine, and information about current and past events for the use of its members.

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Note: Some accounts attribute as little as one year of actual residence at this house, while others ascribe several years. The years 1821-1825 were Hawthorne’s years at Bowdoin college, so the Association assumes he remained connected to the house in Raymond, even though no specific records exist to document visits here. The span of 1812-1825 which our Association uses is meant to describe the total period of the Hawthorne’s association with this house, and not necessarily continuous residence in Raymond.

~ ~ Written by John Manoush, a former president of the Hawthorne community Association