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The Summer of 1816

Now the summer of 1816 was popular for another reason. Does anyone know why?

[Answer: “The Red Sox won the pennant?”] What? [Laughter; Applause; Hawthorne gives an autographed photo to the respondent]

No, but ah -- it was actually known as “The year without a summer”.  Now what happened is it was very wintery all through the summer starting in July; in August there was snow -- there were frosts. It’s hard to believe today, but -- there were, and it ruined crops.  A lot of people threatened to leave the area and a lot of people actually did leave the area because they were so afraid that this was going to be the norm.  As it turns out climatologists found out that a very large volcanic eruption took place in Indonesia. Now this very large volcanic eruption was the largest on record, and it changed the climate the whole world over, and that is the reason for that.

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