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My Recollections

Iím not -- I donít really recollect what it was like and I came in here looking around trying to remember -- it just doesnít look the same; but I recall that my room faced my Uncle Richardís house.  I also recall there were at least two fireplaces.  And I recall that the foundation stones were - were shifting a bit.  Iím wondering if youíve done anything to correct that problem?  I -- I assume not!

In that case I would like to -- I would like to thank you all for listening to - to a very -- a VERY old man tell his stories, and I would like to thank the Town of Raymond, for theyíve done such a wonderful job upkeeping this place.  Now as a writer I moved from place to place trying to find inspiration for my writing -- it seems that, in most of my stories I tend to come back to the natural, and it was right here in Raymond that I started thinking about the natural elements and the forests and all of that, and I believe that has inspired me in my writing more than anyplace that I have moved.  I would like to thank the Hawthorne Community Association specifically for asking me to speak here and for the wonderful job that they do keeping this house up -- both the past -- the present members -- everyone.  So if you could all give them a round of applause, that would be nice.   And once again, thank you for listening to my stories -- and may the next one hundred years be good to us all. Enjoy your shortcake!

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