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Nathaniel Hawthorne

This page provides links to detailed articles about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s life, particularly during his youth in Maine.  A brief description of each article is given below.

The lower part of the page includes some links to other web sites you may find interesting.

Clicking on the article name will take you to the full article or web site.

Articles on THIS site:

Downeast Magazine September, 1962 - An article by Herbert Edwards entitled “Nathaniel Hawthorne in Maine”. This article covers both his youth in Raymond/South Casco and his experiences at Bowdoin college.

Fields article - An excerpt from “Yesterdays with Authors” by James T. Fields. Fields was a friend of Hawthorne and wrote the article around 1870, based on a conversation he had with Hawthorne about 10 years earlier following the death of mutual friend and former President of the United States Franklin Pierce. (The full article may be found on the Eldritch Press web site referenced below)

Narrative about the house and The Hawthorne Community Association - Author unknown, although we suspect it was compiled by one of our members from various sources.  It specifically covers Hawthorne’s time in Raymond, the subsequent history of the house and how the Association came into being.

1921 Press articles:  These two articles appeared in the Portland, Maine newspaper “Evening Express” at the time of the formation of the Hawthorne Community Association.

1986 Ponder Talk: This is the most lengthy and complete work available on Hawthorne’s life in Raymond, Maine.  An excerpt is provided and the full text is available as a PDF file for download.

Links to OTHER Hawthorne sites:

The Eldritch Press: Contains text of many Hawthorne works and references

Hawthorne in Salem site: Run by the North Shore Community College in Danvers, Massachusetts. For main site with detail about the Raymond home (includes some photos, mostly in B&W).

Nathaniel Hawthorne Society: The Nathaniel Hawthorne Society is dedicated to the study and appreciation of the life and works of the author.  It is a nonprofit educational organization.