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The Strawberry Festival will be held on Saturday, June 24 at 3:30. This year’s event is being held in coordination with the Raymond Village Library’s Garden Tour. See the Library’s website for information or registration for the Tour.

Our speaker is Jeanne Christie, Exec. Director of the Association of State Wetland Managers. Her talk is entitled, “Gardening for Bumblebees and Other Native Pollinators” and is sure to create a lot of buzz (sorry - I couldn’t help that!).

The talk will be followed by the best available homemade strawberry shortcake in generous portions.  Strictly fresh local strawberries, homemade shortcake and real whipped cream! There is a donation of $10 per adult ($5 per child of 8 or under) payable at the door. All proceeds go to maintain the historic Hawthorne House.  A mailing to members will go out about a month before with more details.    We hope you can join us!

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CHRISTMAS PARTY: This could be considered a high point of the social calendar, even though many of our summer residents do not get to attend. In recent years  it has taken the form of a potluck dinner preceded by a BYOB cocktail hour. The event is held at the Hawthorne house, which is decorated with a large tree, fresh cut balsam branches and candles. After an excellent meal we sing carols and present gifts donated by our trustees.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL: By long tradition, the Hawthorne Community Association welcomes Raymond cape area residents to the start of each summer season with a “Strawberry Festival”, generally held in mid to late June at the Hawthorne house.  It is an opportunity to greet old friends and meet new ones, while enjoying one of the classic summer treats with fresh shortcake, strawberries and real whipped cream.

CHICKEN BBQ: Thanks to the generosity of the VanWinkles, proprietors of the Wohelo summer camp, the Association celebrates the high season of summer and also holds its only all-members meeting at Little Wohelo camp on the shore of Sebago Lake each year in mid-August.


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